Nuestros inicios y nuestra trayectoria
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Como nos organizamos para trabajar mejor.

The National Union of the Saharawi Women, internally, focuses on:

  • Uprising awareness among women of the importance of the liberation movement to gain independence.
  • Deepening the feeling among women that they form part of a union where they can attain their political, civil, socio-economic and cultural ambitions.
  • Encouraging women to train, study and work and promoting their capacities in all professional fields.
  • Maintaining inter-generations interaction to consolidate the experience and contain the young women to shape complementary and constructive relations.
  • Explaining to women their rights and duties.
  • Defending women’s rights and encouraging them to work at all national levels taking in account capacity and merit standards.
  • The National Union of the Saharawi Women preserves the unity among the Saharawi women in refugee camps, occupied territories and in the diaspora. It also consolidates solidarity and cooperation among women.
  • Enhancing women effective participation in all life aspects.
  • Offering political training and coaching for the Saharawi women.

The National Union of the Saharawi Women is so active at the African and international levels aiming at:

  • Uprising awareness of the Saharawi people struggle and expanding the international solidarity movement.
  • Consolidating the position of the Saharawi women in the African organizations and strengthening the Pan-African relations.
  • Representing the Saharawi voice in all forums and the media.
  • Maintaining the Saharawi women’s presence in all regional, continental and international feminist organizations.
  • Contributing to development and international cooperation.
  • Defending human rights, opposing violence and promoting tolerance, peace, solidarity and equality.
  • Strengthening friendly relations with all feminist organizations that seek promote peace, justice, democracy and human rights,
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