Promotion and trainings
Culture and comunication
Economic integration

It is a multi-aspect program for orientation and sensibilization through meetings, lectures, public gatherings that tackle political, social, professional and cultural issues. For this purpose, the NUSW adopts all   researches, references, bulletins and magazines elaborated by the department of media and culture, in addition to researches conducted by young girls at the national level.

The NUSW offers training sessions in the woman houses within the framework of cooperation agreements with international organizations.

Learning classes for elders aim at improving women’s skills and encouraging them for more effective participation. So they can contribute to consolidating the position of women in the Saharawi society.


The organization adopted a policy of honoring by organizing parties in all departments and municipalities to deepen the spirit of compassion and solidarity among all groups of the people, especially fathers and mothers and people with special needs. This occasion includes providing meals, technical programs and certificates of appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of this program because of its human and social value in our current reality.

Meetings and lectures

The Union is conducting many international and national forums in the camps in many areas, the most important of which are: women and literacy, family law, divorce, arbitrary divorce, reproductive health, economic and social empowerment of women, women and heritage, intergenerational communication, and in the international field we mention a forum on women and participation Political, women and resistance, and culminated in the formation of the International Network for Women to support the right of self-determination of the Saharawi people and the protection of human rights and the formation of the International Coordination to remove the wall of humiliation and shame in Western Sahara, in addition to issuing many messages of solidarity with the Saharawi cause, with reference to the joint meetings between women in the camps and the arrivals from the occupied territories.

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