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The Nation Union of Sahrawi Women encourages production and fights consumption mentality which was imposed due to living in refugee camps and exile where people are totally dependent on the external aid. Conscious of fighting this phenomena, the NUSW has launched sensibilization campaigns on the importance of establishing cooperatives at all wilayas to support the economic empowerment through economic activities that can generate incomes for women to support themselves and improve their health conditions.

The NUSW works closely with women in the following:

Providing trainings on managing cooperatives and encouraging cooperation in industry, agriculture and artisanal activities.

Supporting at elaborating projects and providing technical assistance.

Drafting a law that governs all micro credit related issues.

Offering many trainings on:

Basic economic concepts ( the conception of work, incomes, the term reference for a successful project, accountability and currency exchange);

Running cooperatives (cooperating to set specific economic activities that will help developing and improving the provided services).The main achievements are:01/ Setting up many cooperatives in all wilayas that carry out different economic activities ( sewing, knitting, leather related  traditional industries, merchandise, livestock , family gardens, service providers and dry food processing).

Forming central, regional and local teams composed of young women specialized in administration, accountability and management to monitor running cooperatives at the national level.

Offering microcredits to many cooperatives in the different wilayas.

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